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Separated Structural Subdivision “Professional college of geological survey technologies" of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv" (CGST) was established on the basis of the Kyiv Geological Exploration College (founded in 1930) and has been a structural subdivision of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv since 2012.

The educational mission is to promote the harmonious personal development of each student, improve their professional competencies, form aspirations and skills, and acquire new knowledge.

College vision - College in the future: the flagship of geological professional pre-higher education of the country, a functional college capable of generating modern geological knowledge and ensuring its transfer, creating long-term values, forming, maintaining and developing the resources of Ukraine's subsoil for future generations.

The College trains specialists for the geological and mining industries. They get positions of engineering and technical staff at most geological enterprises and institutions in Ukraine and abroad.

The main asset of the CGST is its graduates. Over the 90 years of its existence, the College has trained more than 50 thousand specialists for the geological and other industries. Among them are many discoverers of mineral deposits, talented geologists, geophysicists, drillers, graduates of our college, and outside Ukraine, who became well-known highly professional scientists, statesmen, and true experts in their field. They are still working not only in Ukraine but also on other continents, discovering mineral deposits.

The Geological Museum is the pride of the College. The 250 m2 exhibition hall has 54 glass showcases and 50 podiums with samples of minerals, ores, rocks and fossils. The basis of the stone collection is minerals, rocks and ores found by students and teachers during their internships, as well as gifts from the College's graduates.

Student leisure is one of the priority areas of the College's activities, as it occupies a prominent place in the complex of educational work with students. Today, individual educational work is relevant both in the educational process and in extracurricular time.

Students' leisure time is based on the functioning of a number of clubs, sports sections and hobby clubs. Many cultural events have become traditional and are very popular among the College's students. The College has sports clubs (football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis) where students spend their free time. College teams also take part in district and city competitions, where they win prizes.

Concert programs on the occasion of Knowledge Day, Education Workers Day, Student Day, Defender of the Fatherland Day, International Women's Rights and Peace Day, Victory Day, and Mother's Day are very popular among students.  

The College has a student government that provides significant assistance to students and teachers in organizing events and resolving issues related to social, cultural, educational and sports life. 




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